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JFK ✈��� SFO with some east coast flavor in tow.
peering into aēsop. i knew they were raking it in, but man.
hip to dr. zizmor's best-kept skincare secret: use stock photos of yourself from the 80s.
JFK ✈ SFO, but unsure which is the better souvenir to bring.
@OSSCafe GitHubの@drewwと@thefuryusを連れて立ち寄りましたけど会えなかった。残念ですけどOctocatのシールをどうぞ���
turning sports bottles into fancy sangria sports bottles, thanks to my magical dishwasher.
glad to see jesus-in-a-box get some competition as the funkiest thing on the block.
training my ficus to survive solely on its own droppings.
finding the most appropriately placed SIAMESE CONNECTION in the city.
not sure Megumi's what she claims (hint: 日式鐵板燒 is Chinese for Japanese teppanyaki).
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