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glad ikea has the courage to honestly simulate your disheveled lifestyle.
unclear whether tourists at this nyc water stand realize they're drinking from a fire hydrant.
sensing a history major stuck writing in-flight game blurbs.
dropping by the pastel de nata mothership on the way out of lisbon.
2013-10-04 16.40.53
2013-10-04 15.59.29
fruiting the sea.
kicking off a week in lisbon with pastel de nata. /cc @minja
digging the guided tour.
suffering from too many i18nizers and not enough l10nizers.
finding an orphaned bag of cereal on the sidewalk, the unluckiest charms.
collecting accidental highlights from errant taps in the kindle app. is this how @horse_ebooks was born?
good morning from our glorious corporatist future! (@ Verizon Brooklyn Bridge w/ 4 others)
instant udon
on the fine line between blinged-out hummer, school bus.
still chargin' like a champ, guys!
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