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oban rock melt
birthing the clearest ice yet.
the iOS7 shuffle
JFK ✈��� SFO with some east coast flavor in tow.
enjoying unexpected synergy between my steel bed and ipad smart cover.
how many GB² is enough?
peering into aēsop. i knew they were raking it in, but man.
hip to dr. zizmor's best-kept skincare secret: use stock photos of yourself from the 80s.
facebook's graph search
not sure how alamo's mustang convertible upsells are converting.
singing karaoke sf startup style.
impressed with conference badges these days. also, trying a new panda name on for size.
almost there...
mating stateside for the first time.
JFK ✈ SFO, but unsure which is the better souvenir to bring.
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